a few random things

1. i have developed a slight addiction to watermelon, special k cereal with red berries, and vanilla yogurt with frozen fruit and granola.  yum!

2. i have gone to the gym every day this week.  i don’t even think i can give you another time in my life where i have worked out 5 consecutive days in a row.  i feel good.  it makes me happy.

3. i am so excited for my vacation.  i don’t think i’ve blogged about it at all, but i’m going on a road trip with my roommate to visit a bunch of friends in philadelphia and new jersey in a few weeks.  i can’t wait!!

4. i cannot seem to get passed level 19 on angry birds.  and i am slightly annoyed by this fact. i literally just beat level 19 on angry birds.  i’m a little too excited about this, ha.

5. this is what my backyard looks like right now:
yeah, it’s rained a lot.  but i am thankful that we haven’t had any tornadoes.  and i’m praying for all the people who are facing such devastation right now.

6. i got to see baby emery for a little bit last night.  oh my goodness gracious, he might just be the cutest baby i have ever seen.  and trust me, i’ve seen a lot of babies.  i didn’t get any pictures, but he’s model baby cute, and i’m not kidding.  love that kid.  so much.

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2 Responses to a few random things

  1. Annie says:

    number four made me laugh and i am still laughing as i type this. you sound like i used to think when i played farmville on fb.

    because, yes, i did, at one time, play farmville.

    • mary grace says:

      hahaha… i never got into farmville.

      i just really needed to beat angry birds to prove to my friend grant that i was better than him… because i’m competitive like that, hahaha.

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