my life is ridiculous: part 8

the other day, my best friend megan and i decided to drive to the beach to get smoothies and sit on the rocks and watch the sunset. we got about 3/4 of the way there when megan’s car started making a horrible noise. we somehow managed to pull off onto a side street and then every single “check” light went on (i’m talking oil, battery, engine… everything) and her power steering went out. we kind of coasted to the side of the road, turned off the car, and let out a collective, ‘crap.’megan looking sad about the car issues.

megan called her dad who responded with a deep sigh (typical) and a ‘meg… i’m at the grocery store… i’ll call you back.’ (not so typical).

while we were waiting for her dad to call back, our friend cody happened to drive by us. but, he didn’t realize it was us.  so i jumped out of the car and started running down the street while trying to call him.  now, you have to know, i was barefoot (and wearing a dress) because my sandals had gotten completely covered in mud while we were hiking.  (please don’t ask why i was wearing a dress while hiking…) anyway, while running down the street, i stepped in something very wet and squishy.  i didn’t really pay attention to that, and continued running down the street.  unfortunately, cody turned and we never did flag him down.  even more unfortunately, on my walk back to the car, i discovered that the wet thing i had stepped in was a dead, rotting bird.  please remember… i was barefoot.  i don’t really know how i managed not to throw up.
my reaction to the bird.  actually, this picture really does not display my complete and utter disgust quite enough.  but it’s all i’ve got.

20 minutes later megan’s dad called back, yelled at megan for never returning his bank card (he didn’t realize this until after getting to the check out with a cart full of groceries… whoops) and then asked where we were.  megan got out to go look at the street sign.
do you see that wood swing in that person’s yard to megan’s right?  yes, well while we were waiting for megan’s dad to drive and come help us, we had the distinct pleasure of watching a guy and girl swing on that together and make out.  awesome...

so, eventually megan’s dad comes, however, he really has no idea what is wrong with the car.  it will not start, and still has all the check lights on.  while we were standing around awkwardly trying to diagnose the problem, a guy i only kind of know (who just so happens to be my friend’s husband’s younger brother) rode by on his bike and asked if he could help us, or go get his father because he knew cars. at this point, i’m kind of embarrassed, because please remember, i am standing around barefoot in a dress while trying to deal with car problems.  i looked kind of out of place and ridiculous.  but, luke went and got his dad and they took a look and determined that the problem was with the serpentine belt, and the car was undriveable.  great.  i would have taken a picture of this, but was already embarrassed enough, and didn’t feel like furthering that embarrassment by continuing to photograph everything.  (as an aside, does anyone else know what a serpentine belt is? megan and i were both clueless about this, but it seemed like everyone else in the world knew what this was. maybe we’re both just dumb.)

so megan’s dad pushed the car to the other side of the road, because we were not really in a place where you could be parked.  at this point, a ton of neighbors have come out to see what’s going on, only furthering the embarrassment that this situation is.  megan decided to call her boyfriend matt, because he is very good with cars.  he came right over because he had just gotten off work and was really close to where we were.  except, he works at a very fancy restaurant, and so he showed up in a full tuxedo.  yes.  hilarious.

so, he took off as much as he could and then asked if any of us had a flashlight, because at this point, it was getting dark.  the only thing we had was one of those tiny flashlights that go on your keyring.  so, the four of us are standing out side, it’s getting really dark, we have a dinky flashlight, i’m wearing a dress, matt is wearing the remnants of a tux, and there are a ton of neighbors around.  the entire thing was hilariously embarassing.
everyone checking out the car.

megan modeling matt’s bow-tie.

matt couldn’t do anything to fix the car right then and there, and megan didn’t want to pay for a tow truck, so we ended up leaving the car there for a little while.  at 1 in the morning, megan’s mom, dad, and sister went and pushed the car back home (about 5 miles) using their minivan.

all in all, the entire situation was pretty ridiculous.  megan’s car broke down, and i stepped in a dead bird.  my life is never dull, that’s for sure!

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One Response to my life is ridiculous: part 8

  1. Annie says:

    i got stuck at the part where you stepped in a dead bird. ew.

    i don’t know what a serpentine belt is either. in fact, i only just learned how to open the hood of my car yesterday, and i’ve had it since the beginning of march. {my brother just saw this comment to say, “you don’t know what a serpentine belt is?!” turns out, he doesn’t either. haha.} hope megan gets her car situation figured out quickly!

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