some may call me cheap… i prefer the term ‘bargin hunter’

if you know me, or if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you probably know that i absolutely love target.  you probably also know that i love finding a deal.  well, somehow, i have gone my entire life without ever knowing that there is a 75% off rack in the clothing section of target… until today.  let me just tell you… that rack is awesome!!  i found a shirt for $2 and a bunch of dresses for $4.98.  what?!  that’s fantastic!!  the rack is hidden in the maternity section of the store… so i guess that’s why i’ve never found it before today, but i was so excited when i did.  i will definitely be checking it out all the time now.  i’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing for my wallet. ha.

and while i’m talking about deals, i happened to go to old navy today as well, where i got a shirt for $3 and a really cute blue and white striped skirt for $2.74.  ahhh, lets just say i was rather happy after my shopping adventure this afternoon! :)

now if only i could find a bathing suit for my vacation, then i’d be all set!  ugh, it’s always the bathing suit… i can never find a good one!  any suggestions on where to look?

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