i’m a cleveland sports fan. and let me tell you… that is not an easy thing to be. every summer from the time that i was a little girl, i’ve put on my indians t-shirt, and every fall i’ve cheered for the browns. i’ve never been huge into basketball, but i always took some pride in seeing the cavs win. (and please don’t even get me started on lebron james.)

mostly though, my heart belongs to the tribe. i love indians baseball. seriously… it’s one of my most favorite parts of spring and summer, and i love the memories i have of heading down to jacob’s field with my dad to watch the games.

my dad, my sister, and i walking around the field before a game, for indian princess day at the jake.  (in other news, i still have, and wear, that t-shirt. ha.)

cleveland sports fans have it rough. there are few of us who stick it out through the seemingly never ending dry spells. but you know what… this year the indians are kicking major butt. best record in baseball? why yes… yes indeed. and who is loving every second of it?! this girl.

i go to college in the heart of steeler country (and i cannot stand the steelers.  ugh.)  being a browns fan is a challenge and i get made fun of quite a bit for cheering against the steelers (and frankly, just for being from c-town in general).  but um… the pittsburgh pirates? ha! more loses than wins.  (i may be taking just a little bit too much joy in that.  but i don’t care.)  baseball is where it’s at.  i love me those indians. i love cleveland. i will always love cleveland. and i will always love cleveland sports, even when they’re disappointing.  but right now, the indians are far from disappointing, and it makes being from cleveland just that much sweeter. :)

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