summer goals update number 1

a while ago i posted a list of 15 summer goals… here is an update as to how they are going

– spend more time with jesus

better, but still not awesome.  however, i’ve just finished setting things up to be accountability parters with annie and i’m really excited about that!

– work out more

i am rocking this one… i have been to the gym every day except for memorial day (because it was closed.) that’s better than i was even going for.  i’m sure this will slow down once i start working, but right now i am loving it.  and as an added bonus… i’ve lost 8 pounds since the last time i weighed myself at school.  awesome!

– eat much healthier

check!  i’ve been surprised by how much easier this was than i thought it would be.  i feel so great!

– spend more time outside

this one is a work in progress… ha.

– be better about wearing sunscreen

fail so far.  however, i haven’t really been out in the sun too much, and haven’t gotten to badly burned yet.

– wear more dresses

i’m amending this to dresses and skirts.  and so far, it’s gone pretty well.

– be intentional about buying modest shorts

well, i haven’t bought any new shorts yet, but i really need to.  remember earlier when i said i lost 8 pounds?  yeah, well now i literally have no shorts that fit me… so i have to get on this.

– spend less money on coffee

i actually haven’t spent any money on coffee yet this summer.  yay!

– eat a legitimate lunch

well, does eatting a legit lunch around 3pm count?  i need to get better at this.

– write to my friends who are working at summer camp

everyone leaves this week, so i’m hoping to start doing this soon!

– keep my room relatively clean

ha, um…. this was going really well until about 2 days ago…

– read for fun

um… i’m still on chapter 2 of the first lord of the rings book… gotta work on this.

– don’t stay up until 3 and sleep until 12

um, it’s been more of a 1 or 2 am bedtime and a 10 or 11 wakeup… not great, but i suppose it’s better than 3 and 12…

– print pictures and do something with them

free shipping on snapfish until june 7th!  i have 246 pictures in my cart, and i’m gonna be going through even more tomorrow.  :)  (also, hooray for free print credits!)

– take more pictures

um… about that… my camera is currently buried under a pile of clothes on my desk… yikes.  better dig that thing out.


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One Response to summer goals update number 1

  1. Annie says:

    yay! looks like you’re doing pretty well :]

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