music i’m really excited about

some new music drops this month that i just cannot wait to download!  yes, i did just use the word ‘drop’ and yes… i do feel rather ridiculous typing that.  but, anyway…

june 7th the new city and colour album comes out… i’m excited about that for sure!
this album cover alone makes me want to buy it!  but then again… i’m a sucker for colored things, and i love lines… so maybe i’m just a weirdo.  regardless, i’m pumped.

owl city has a new album out june 14th… i’ve heard a little bit of it on youtube, and i’m really excited about it.  especially this song:

and, this is maybe the album i am the most excited about… finally, finally, finally, some new bon iver!!  june 21!  i could just squeal with joy!  justin vernon is pure awesome.

if you go here you can download the single calgary for free!  do it!

and if you want to watch an amazing video that is sure to make you fall in love with bon iver just like it made me fall in love with bon iver a few years back, watch this:

um, yeah… awesome, no?  i love it!

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3 Responses to music i’m really excited about

  1. And buy download you mean through I-Tunes by paying a few bucks, right?

    ….:) Just pickin’ with ya.

    Bon Iver’s new album is great! I posted a video of him recently doing a few covers!

    Another band I’m excited about it Cults, just reviewed ’em on my blog.

    Great post!! Keep ’em coming.

    • mary grace says:

      i most definitely mean on i-tunes! i already have all 3 albums pre-ordered actually, ha.

      i will have to check out the bon iver video and listen to cults! thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Haha good! I’m a Music Industry major so I always mess with my friends about illegal downloading.

    Thanks for visiting my blog as well!

    Subscribed to you, so I’ll def. be checking out some of your future posts!

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