i made cupcakes with 2.5 year olds…

yeah, that’s right… the twins and i made cupcakes today. it was um… a messy adventure. but they loved it, and told me over and over again all day just how much. so i’m glad we did. plus, i got a few darn cute pictures.

he was yelling, “makin’ cupcakes!”

the sad part about this, is that i did some of those too… and they look absolutely no different, haha.

frosting cupcakes… it’s serious business.

such a cheese ball.

but really… have a mentioned that this kid is a cheese ball? (and really likes frosting? ha!)

oh sweet j.  he melts my heart.

some post-frosting grins.  they’re adorable.

double trouble… that’s all i have to say.


some of the finished product, plus a toddler hand. :)

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One Response to i made cupcakes with 2.5 year olds…

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oooooh my word they are adoooorable! It looks like you all had a ton of fun! :)

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