call me thrifty: part 2

i’ve been attempting to buy clothing and accessories from stores other than target lately.  it’s tough, haha.  no, it’s not really tough, but i just love not paying a lot for clothes, and target makes that super easy.  but i love hunting for bargins, and today i found some.  plus, i found shorts that are great in length, which makes me super happy!

first, an outfit i am slightly proud of myself for putting together:

the skirt was $12.95 at h&m
the tank top (which has decently wide straps) is also from h&m and was $5.95
the necklace was $3.80 at forever 21
and, the greatest deal of all, the belt was only 50 cents! :) (from wet seal… a store i never shop at, but happened to see belts in and wandered over to look at them, ha.)
(the shoes i already owned.  they’re from um… target.  but let’s not talk about that.)

and the shorts!  i bought 2 pair from h&m… they are super comfortable, a great length and best of all, they were only $9.95 each.  yay for nice shorts on a budget.

navy blue ones. (i realize now that they actually look kind of short in this picture, but they aren’t.)

and the coral colored ones.  this is a slightly awkward picture, but i wanted to show the length.  pretty nice.  i’m excited about all of it!

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