saturday afternoon shenanigans

(aka, weekend at gretchen’s part 3. see part 1 here and part 2 here.)

after eating lunch and then ‘doing homework’ (aka, napping) we headed back out into the cold to ride gretchen’s horses.  which was pretty fun.  we also hung out in the barn for a little bit.  it was so cold out, but we still enjoyed it.  it had been a while since i’d ridden a horse, and let me just say… getting on a horse while wearing snow pants and rain boots = super awkward.  haha.

i get cold just looking at this.  but gretchen’s farm is beautiful, even in the snow.

yeah… there was a lot of snow, ha. (she’s kneeling… if you couldn’t tell.)

um, yeah… i was kinda struggling. like i said… rain boots and snowpants + mounting a horse= very awkward.

hay bales

so much snow. (looking at this makes me reallllllly glad that it is summer now, ha.)

gretchen riding like the pro that she is.

snowflakes in katie’s hair.  i love looking at individual snow flakes and marveling at the fact that god makes them all and makes no two the same.  so incredible.


oh!  and we milked beef cows.  just because. :)

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