public humiliation

so, you know that summer goal to keep my room clean? um… let’s discuss the abysmal failure that that is. and by ‘discuss’ i mean, let me publicly humiliate myself by posting these photographs of my room, taken last night.

now, if you happen to be sitting there thinking, ‘wow mary grace, that really just looks like you’re in the middle of packing and have a lot of piles of clothing sitting around’ i would like to a. thank you for thinking so highly of me, and b. completely ruin all of those high thoughts, by showing you this:

yes, that is in fact 24 crayons strewn around out of the box under my bed. a mess that really cannot be contributed to the fact that i am packing for vacation, and also further proves the point that even though i am almost 20, i don’t really act like it most of the time.

here’s to hoping my room never looks like this again. (but let’s be honest… it probably will.)

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3 Responses to public humiliation

  1. Annie says:

    aww, your room is cute! & please, do not feel bad. i used to have piles of books strewn all over my room – in fact, my bookcase is currently strewn with such piles right now {normally, they would be on the floor, but our ant problem has me to paranoid to put anything on the floor except for shoes, haha}. and there is always a stack of clothes on the back of my desk chair, which means i can rarely ever sit there to do anything. also, my desk is the pits. i’d say you’re in good company, haha.

    • mary grace says:

      thanks! it’s super small, but i like it. good to know i’m not the only one who has trouble keeping everything in order, ha!

      sorry about your ant problem… i totally understand… they have infested my house as well. and the desk… oh my gosh, it’s generally the biggest problem. earlier in the day (before these pictures were taken), i removed all the clothes and many other miscellaneous objects from it and transferred them to the floor/my bed, so it doesn’t look too terrible here, but trust me… you generally can’t see the bottom of it and there just piles and piles of things.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I have to admit … that after my fiance rearranged my room and it looked like a small battle been waged there, instead of a full-scare war … I took photos of the new arrangement, and never posted them because my room was messy. But now, emboldened by your courageous posting of messy room pictures, I am off to find said photos!
    Also, I think your room is adorable. My walls are just plain white.

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