(aka, weekend at gretchen’s part 4.  if you want, here are links to parts 1, 2, and 3.)

gretchen’s parents had to go to a steak dinner for a church meeting on saturday night, so the 4 of us got to cook out own dinner.  we had so much fun doing it!  we played some music, made some stuffed shells and chicken paremsean, tossed together some yummy salads, set the table slightly fancy (aka, a tablecloth, candles, and sparkling grape juice) and had a really nice meal together.  then we played a board game, watched some tv, and around midnight, we all went just a little crazy.

makin’ salads.the spread. yummy.we played this really old board game called caper.  i really needed a ladder for the longest time, and it took me forever to finally get one.losers
winner winner chicken dinner
yummy dessert
and this is where the real craziness started, and subsequently where the title of this post came from.  kara, katie, and gretchen just about died of laughter when they found out that i had the addy american girl doll as a child.  i’m not entirely sure why that was so funny, but it was late, and we were looking through a bunch of my old baby pictures on facebook and the picture of me with the addy doll just sent everybody over the edge, and into hysterics.  laughter ensued over just about everything for the next hour or so.
while we were taking random ridiculous pictures (like the one above) we looked over and saw kara attempting to make a beard out of a tissue… ooookay then.
this lead to all of us making beards with our hair.  like i said… we were all just a tad bit insane at this point.
kara was struggling with the hair thing since her hair was still short after she donated it last may.
i don’t even have words for this picture.
or this one, really.
or this…

and then sunday morning we all had a big breakfast, went to church, and then relaxed until it was time to drive home.  before we got dressed for church though, we had to take a picture of all of us in our plaid pjs.
it was a really great weekend, and i’m so glad that we got the opportunity to get away from school for a while and have fun together.  in the fall, we’re hoping to take a bigger group to gretchen’s and camp out in the woods.  i think that would be so much fun, and i really hope we can do it!

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3 Responses to addy

  1. Annie says:

    a. i love that you’re still writing about this weekend, months after it’s past.
    b. i have the shirt your friend is wearing in the second picture.
    c. these pictures are hilarious.

    • mary grace says:

      a. i’m going to be honest… most of the things i did spring semester never made it to this blog. i have about 15 unfinished posts in my drafts… but fear not… several posts are in the works so i can quickly share some of those adventures and then get back to writing about things that did not happen in the middle of winter, haha.

      b. that’s awesome! i’m actually in philadelphia right now, and today in downtown philly i walked past a random woman wearing a shirt my mother owns. i’m not sure why i’m telling you this, but i feel like it sort of relates.

      c. thank you… my friends are slightly out of control… and i love it. :)

  2. Annie says:

    i was just catching up on email, so i saw the email notification for your reply just now, haha.

    i remember you mentioning a while ago that you were behind on detailing your activities. would you believe that i STILL have not written a post about honduras, and that was last july? yeah. ummm… it’s a good thing my blog friends are not the type to throw tantrums about posts i promise but on which i don’t deliver.

    or maybe they did and just didn’t tell me.

    haha, that’s funny. isn’t it so weird when those things happen? and you’re like, “but why you do have my shirt…?” and in my case you then remember that 2093582039853% of the female population shops at american eagle and that you don’t see someone with the shirt in question every single day.

    my friends are also slightly out of control. somebody should bestow sainthood on us for putting up with what we put up with. ;] {or, in my case, the other way around, haha}

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