highlights from february

i’ve accepted that all the posts of the events from the beginning of febraury until right before easter break are pretty much never going to be finished. so here are some photo highlights from february (with a similar post about march forthcoming), just so that i feel better, and can delete all the unfinished drafts sitting on my dashboard.

february 4 – the extravaganza!!

february 6 – superbowl party at mareah’s

february 9 – i lost my mind a little bit while studying…

febrary 14 (1:30am) – valentines day card making party in my room/photo shoot with kara and katie

february 22 – bekah’s 21st birthday

rough night, apparently.

febraury break – bowling with the babes.

r was not really in the mood to have his picture taken.

so… that’s february, briefly. :)

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One Response to highlights from february

  1. Annie says:

    your face on feb 9 = hilarious. study makes me feel that way, too.

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