it pains me to admit this…

…but i think i might be catching the bieber fever…

if you know me in real life, you will understand why this is shocking. i have always hated justin bieber. basically, i hate things that are hyped up. harry potter, lady gaga, twilight, justin bieber…. i’m sure you know what i mean.

but um… i keep hearing this song:

and i have to admit to the world… i actually kind of like it. (and by that i mean as of last night it is part of my itunes library…)

i would like to clarify… this does not mean i am a full fledged ‘bieliber’ (typing that makes me gaggy inside, because it is so ridiculous) and i honestly think the only reason i really like this song is because of usher. but… i will admit, i like a justin bieber song. and i’m trying not to be ashamed of that fact, hahaha.

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