some random thoughts

well, i’m finally back home from my vacation (after 10+ hours in the car). the past week was probably one of the best weeks of my life and i’m so excited to blog about it. i love my friends and i’m so glad we got to spend time together! i miss them already, and i’m counting down the days until i get to see them again. (i have to admit… i’m not exactly happy to be back home.)

i start nannying in the morning and summer really gets busy from this point forward. i’m excited about that and nervous as well. it’s been a weird amount of time since getting out of school that i haven’t had a lot to be doing. it was a nice break from school for the first week and a half or so, but i don’t handle being idle very well after about that much time. so i’m glad that i will have things to do, however i think it might be a challenging transition to go from not really having a ton to do everyday to going almost non-stop from 7am to 11pm some days.

one of my friends is on vacation in tawain right now, and another friend leaves for an 8 week mission trip to india the day the first friend gets home. crazy. i’m praying for safe travels for everyone.

i still need to write to all of my friends at camp, but i doubt that will happen tomorrow. before the week is up though i must do that.

the blogging everyday streak finally ended on monday, after about a month and a half.  it was a good run, no?  i have a feeling that wont start back up again for a while.  but it was nice while it lasted i suppose.

the indians beat the rockies tonight and swept the pirates this past weekend. we’re 3.5 games back from being top in the al. it’s time to get things back together and start winning again.

and i will leave you with this… two things defeat satan, the blood of jesus and the word of our testimony (rev 12:11). everyone wants a testimony but no one wants to be tested -john kilpatrick

good stuff.

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3 Responses to some random thoughts

  1. Annie says:

    i think after such a long blogging streak you are entitled to a break :]

    love the quote!

    we should discuss colossians soon! i’ve gotten through two chapters so far :/ hoping to get through the next two in the next few days!

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