busiest day ever

i left my house at 6:30 this morning, and just arrived home now. (i.e. i’ve been gone for almost 17 and a 1/2 hours) aside from a very awkward amount of time between finishing work and having to be at church to lead bible study, i was doing something every minute of the day. (and really, that 45 minute slot of open time was occupied by a trip to the bank, a run into the grocery store to buy something to eat for dinner, realizing that i had no way to heat said dinner, calling my youth pastors wife and asking if i could stop by and use their microwave, and then going to their house, and in the 10 minutes i was there, changing my clothes, eating my dinner, and making dinner for the twins.  yes… i am a speed demon.  granted, making dinner for the twins just involved microwaving chicken nuggets, but i still count that as a feat of intense speed.)

all in all the day was good, though i am probably going to pass out as soon as i hit publish on this post.  luckily, this sort of long day will probably only happen one more time, though thursdays will always be my busy day of the summer.  as far as nannying goes, the dog is more work than the 9 year old (read… he peed on the floor and ate two salami sandwiches right off the plate. [i.e. he ate one, i made another one and he ate that too… sneaky dog.])

in other news, i finally started forgotten god by francis chan.  i asked for the book for christmas, and then with the business of school never got a chance to start reading it.  i’m excited.  francis chan is awesome and i can’t wait to keep reading this book.  i’m sure you can all look forward to some chan quotes in the near future.  i’d post one now, but i’m honestly too tired to get the book and share.

and with that… i’m out. in every sense of the word.  peace.

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