my life is ridiculous: part 9

alternately titled: adventures in volunteering: part 1

so monday was my first official day of volunteering. (please don’t get me started on why it took over a month to get everything worked out for that…) anyway, in true mary grace fashion, nothing went as planned and the entire afternoon was ridiculousness at it’s finest.

the very first run i went on was a discharge. i went with another volunteer who knew what they were doing and could explain everything to me (except, he was elderly and i really couldn’t understand a word he was saying… but i digress). all patients who are discharged have to be taken out by wheelchair, pushed by a volunteer. so, i grabbed a wheelchair from the volunteer office and headed up to the 5th floor. i was totally ready for this. or not.

what i was not ready for, was the fact that the patient i was discharging was someone i went to high school with, who just so happened to be the same guy who threw rat testicles at my face in biology lab.  no, i am not kidding. it was all i could do not to just start laughing hysterically. because really… who else does this sort of thing happen to?!

honestly, that would have been enough ridiculousness for the day, but my volunteering adventures do not end there.  about 20 minutes into my shift, i went on a run to the “war room” also known as the monitor room.  (there are hundreds of computers in there with patient vitals and such being displayed.) moments after walking into the room, the entire hospital lost power.  let me just say… there were a lot of choice words uttered from staff members.

the black out lasted the entire rest of the time i was there (4 hours…) and i don’t really know how much longer it was out after i left, but i know it wasn’t going to be coming back on anytime soon.  obviously there were backup generators for all of the life sustaining machines and such, but the lights and elevators? nope!  so, my first day of volunteering was completed in the dark. which was fun, seeing as i did not know my way around the hospital at all. and running labs from the 8th floor back down to the first floor was also super fun.

all in all, the day was pretty ridiculous, but really… i suppose my life doesn’t really go any other way, does it?  i’m pretty excited to go back tomorrow, hahaha.

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