please pray

update: she’s out of surgery… everything went really well from a surgical standpoint, praise god!  she woke up briefly for the doctor, and then they put her back out for pain reasons.  megan got to see her and said it was shocking and scary because of all of the tubes and drugs and such.  please keep praying.  thanks.

some of you may remember a few months ago when i mentioned that my best friend’s mother was first on the transplant list for a new heart. she’s been waiting since last august.  well tonight around 9pm she got the call that there was a heart for her!!! she is going into surgery right now (1:55am) and it should take anywhere from 6-9 hours if all goes well. please pray that it does. pray for skilled medical professionals, for everything to go exactly as it needs to be, for her body to accept the heart, for the family, for peace and strength, and just that god’s hand would be so completely and undeniably evident through the entire process. thanks! i will update as i know more.

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