a lot of random thoughts

first, an update on megan’s mom. she is being put in a medically induced coma so that she can rest, as she is very uncomfortable and is having trouble doing so. she should be out for the next few days and they are hoping this will greatly aide in her recovery. right now the biggest prayer request is for her kidney’s to kick back in. she is on dialysis, however she apparently is only supposed to be on that for 10 days max. today is day 3. we are praying that her kidney’s begin to function normally again, on their own. she was running a high fever on saturday but thankfully that subsided today. so far her body is not showing signs of rejection, which is extremely positive.

the heart that she received was from a 17 year old. we are all praying for the family of that person. the pain and grief they are experiencing is unimaginable. but everyone is so thankful for the miracle of new life that has come from tragedy.

the recovery process can take anywhere from 2-4 months. this means that when megan heads to school in august, her mother will still be in the hospital. (megan has been going to community college for the past 2 years and living at home. she was supposed to go away to school last year, but once they found out that her mother was in need of the transplant, plans changed and she stayed home to help out with everything.) i know that is going to be a really, really hard transition for megan, so please be praying for her. starting at a new college is stressful in and of itself… i’m really praying that she will be able to be at peace about going to school even with everything going on at home.

that’s really all i know right now, but will continue to update everyone as new news arises. thank you so much for your prayers… they mean the world to the family.

in other news, i seriously miss my roommate. she is doing well in india, having an amazing time there and being used in super cool ways by the lord. and i’m so happy for her about that. but oh my gosh, it’s so weird not talking/texting/skyping/facebooking/other forms of communcation-ing with her daily. before she left for india she mailed me a birthday card and gift with strick instructions not to open it until my actual birthday. let me just tell you, she knows me so well it is ridiculous. ahhhhh, i love her and i miss her quite a lot. i’m really looking forward to seeing her again when she gets back and school starts.

it’s super hot here, and this forcast for this week is even hotter temps.  this morning the weather man said: “it’s going to be a hot one this week.  if you don’t have air conditioning… you’re going to be sorry.”  awesome.  thanks for rubbing that one in, ha.  i have a feeling i will be spending a lot of time at the library, shopping, at the gym, and in various other places that have ac.  nights should be interesting… gotta love living without air conditioning!  mid july and august are always the most fun, haha.

i’ve had 5 letters for camp friends sitting on my dresser for 3 weeks now.  i am such a failure at letter writing.  scratch that.  i’m a failure at actually mailing the letters that i write.  ugh.  sorry friends.  maybe you’ll get them before the summer ends.  i had good intentions…

lastly, tonight we celebrated my birthday (since there were a zillion other things going on on the 12th, and i wasn’t even in the state). this could quite possibly be the best gift ever, from my parents:

i’ve been asking for this shirt for every gift giving holiday for a year and a half… and i’m so pumped that i finally got it! can’t wait to wear this proudly the day the browns play the steelers when i’m at school. muahahahahaha. also to every indians game i go to, ever. yay! go cleveland!! :)

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