a few things.

today i had the realization that when it comes to kids you either have to deal with attitude or poop. and apparently, i’m a poop person.

i’ve also discovered that a lack of cable but desire to watch the indians on tv is the greatest workout motivator ever.

i was feeling pretty good about my 7.5 miles on the elliptical on tuesday. that is of course, until i was talking with a friend tonight and his response to “what did you do today?” was “i biked 60 miles, actually.” wow. alright then.

prepare yourself for a few more my life is ridiculous posts that will be coming soon. (soon meaning, as soon as i find time to type them up. and time has been in short supply lately, so who knows when that will actually be… ha.)

and lastly, an update on megan’s mom. she is doing as well as can be expected, which is awesome. she’s still in critical care (last i heard) but is expected to take the step down to icu soon. she’s out of the coma and no longer intubated, so she can talk now. earlier this week she was really paranoid from all the drugs she had to take and it was making things challenging, but thankful they were able to take her off/lower doses of several of the medications and she is doing well. overall everything i’ve been hearing has been positive and things are pretty good.

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