my life is ridiculous: part 10

alternately titled: apparently i look a lot younger than i actually am.

about a month ago, i was volunteering at the hospital.  one of the older ladies that i was working with turned to me and asked how i was allowed to volunteer, since you have to be at least 14.  i looked at her kind of confused and informed her that i was just a day shy of being 20.  she looked completely shocked and proceeded to loudly exclaim that i, “didn’t look a day over 12!”  awesome… thanks for that.

a few days later i went to the library in the town next to mine with the little girl that i am watching this summer.  since i haven’t gone to this library much before this summer i didn’t have a library card but figured i might as well get one.  my conversation with the librarian went like this:

me: what do i have to do to get a library card?
librarian (very condescendingly): i’m sorry… you have to be 17 or have a parent with you. and you need to have a school or state id card.
me: well i’m 20, and will a drivers license work?

one would think that at this point she would apologize for being so rude, and get me the appropriate paperwork to open a library card.  but no. she did not believe that i was 20, and after scrutinizing my license, asked if i had any more id!!!  when i responded that all i had was my college id card, she told me that wouldn’t do, and she would have to look me up online, and instead of giving me the card directly, would have to mail it to my house to verify that i was, in fact, giving the correct address.  she also informed me that i really looked like i was about 14 or 15.  what?!?!  because… if i was 14 and had a fake id… it would say that i was 20. that would really do a lot of good in the fake id department.  i couldn’t believe it.  so now i received the library card in the mail, but i doubt i’ll be going back there anytime soon.

a few days after that, i was at the hospital again, this time quietly riding in an elevator with a random nurse.  out of literally nowhere, she looks at me and says, “so what are you… fifteen?” i told her i was 20 and she practically screamed that there was, “just no way!  you look so little!!”  i just sort of said, “yep… well i am” and exited the elevator two floors before my actual stop.

so apparently, i look like a middle schooler.  which is awesome, since i’m about to start my junior year of college.  maybe i’m just like benjamin button but i peaked at age 17, and now i’m just regressing?  who knows… but here’s a picture of me from the middle of july when we celebrated my 20th birthday.  judge for yourself… do i look that young?

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2 Responses to my life is ridiculous: part 10

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Um … I seriously think those people need their eyes examined, because you don’t look that young. And that librarian needs a major attitude adjustment!

  2. Annie says:

    Elizabeth is right – you don’t look that young at all! I think you look your age. I’ve gone through the same thing though. Everybody used to think I was older than I was – I got mistaken for a college student when I was a sophomore in high school – and then somewhere around my transition from high school to college people started mistaking me for younger. Mostly it’s middle and high school students, but it’s still irritating to hear they think I’m four or five years younger than I actually am!

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