breathing deeply…

whoa. let me take a second to catch my breath.

if you couldn’t tell from the complete lack of posts both here and over on my project 365 tumblr*, the end of my summer was so so so busy. and now it is august 27th, and i am sitting at my new desk back at school (and by new, i mean new to me… because actually, this desk is quite old) wondering where in the world summer went.  it absolutely flew by.  i guess that’s what happens when you work 60+ hours a week for 2 months.

i’m excited for the semester though, and the changes it will bring.  i think i said the same thing about summer at the end of last semester, but change is good, i suppose.  i’m ready for a change in my schedule, and i’m so excited to be back with my friends here.

so now i have to tackle this room… because it looks like it’s been hit by irene, but i don’t actually have the excuse of a hurricane to explain this mess.

*i do have to say, i think i only missed taking a picture on one of the days… i’ve just never posted them.
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