you get what you pay for

alternately titled: why i should have sucked it up and payed $35 for a haircut instead of going to the hair school

alright… i feel like that pretty much sums it up. but, i’ll tell the story anyway.  warning: major complaining about problems that don’t really matter ahead.  don’t say i didn’t warn you.

recently i’ve been absolutely loving my hair. it was just about the perfect length and was cooperating with me wonderfully. i was so excited! but, the ends were starting to look a little scraggly, so i decided i needed to get a tiny bit trimmed off before i headed back to school. since i only wanted it cut about a half inch and wanted the style left the same, i figured it was safe to use the coupon i found in my room for a free haircut at the hair school down the street.  this was a horrible decision.

when i first got there, i told the stylist exactly what i wanted and asked her to also trim up my bangs just a little bit.  see, i’ve always had long side swept bangs. and by long, i mean ‘i-don’t-even-know-if-these-still-count-as-bangs-because-they-are-so-long’ kind of deal. i like to be able to pull them behind my ear, and you will commonly find them pinned up on my head, but i still like to have them. since it had been a while since my last hair cut, they really weren’t bangs anymore, and were almost down to my chin.

she handed me a book filled with pictures of celebrities and asked me to pick out a picture of what i was after, bangs wise.  so i looked through a picked a picture of reese witherspoon, with a hairstyle almost exactly like this:

i told her i liked the look of those bangs, but i wanted mine to be even longer than that, and asked her to please be careful, because i have a cowlick right at the crown of my head and there is only one place i can part it without having hair flipping to the right.  (which, with bangs, can be super annoying.)

she did an awesome job with the trim.  there was a little more than a half inch off, but it looked really good and i was quite happy with it.  then she spun me around and began to work on my bangs.  before she started cutting, i took a piece of hair, moved it to the right and said, “don’t cut this one, it’s the piece that constantly flips.” and again reminded her that i wanted them to be long. she apparently took this to mean, “please hack my bangs way up above my eyebrow practically straight across” and she also cut the one piece that constantly flips.  ugh, i acted happy about it because there was nothing that could be done about it once they were cut, so there was no reason to make her feel bad, but ugh, i was/am so ticked.  i know it’s just hair and it will grow back, but right now my bangs are super annoying, constantly falling in my face, and i cannot even pin them back, because they are just that short.  and i’m wishing i’d just left well enough alone since i was so happy with my hair before.  ugh.

so the moral of the story is: don’t be cheap when it comes to haircuts; like everything else in life… you get what you pay for.

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