room rearrangement issues

gretchen and i… well… mostly just me… had some issues rearranging the furniture in our room the day after we got to school.  at one point, i ended up pinned between a dresser and the wall.  and struggled to get out.  of course, gretchen had to take pictures of this.

so yes… please don’t ask why i thought it would be a good idea to go about moving furniture while wearing a dress.  it was sunday evening and i hadn’t ever changed after church.  also, please excuse the complete mess… we had moved in the day before.  the room looks a lot better now, but i still have a bunch of stuff to put on my walls.  then i’ll show some pictures of the final set up. :)

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2 Responses to room rearrangement issues

  1. Annie says:

    haha… i always get the idea to move furniture by myself and then i end up pinned behind or between things and climbing out, much like you did. while i’ve never worn a dress to move stuff around, i did wear a pair of jeans once that were ripped by the crotch and i tore them two inches further. needless to say, they were immediately retired as the extra two inches rendered them completely unwearable.

    i appreciate that you’re able to write about your experiences like these and laugh at the way your life is ridiculous; makes me feel better about having the same experiences! :]

    • mary grace says:

      yikes! yeah, i managed to avoid injury and clothes mangling… this time, ha.

      i feel like sometimes all i can do in situations is laugh about them. because really… some of the stuff i get myself into… what else could i possibly do? and isn’t laughter supposed to make you live longer? at this rate, i’ll probably just never die!

      also, in regards to my book list… i loved the hunger games and ripped through all three of them in like 2 weeks, which is great for me, because i’m a super slow reader. i cannot vouch for the summer we read gatsby though, because i could never get into it and had to return it to the library when i came back to school. i mostly checked it out because i love the great gatsby and thought it surely had to be good. but i kind of don’t think it was. so, you know… you might not actually want to add that to your list, haha.

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