my roommate is so awesome

gretchen brought some henna back with her from india, and gave all of our friends henna tattoos on sunday night. mine was still drying when i took this picture, but look how cool it looked:
and this is what it looks like now that i got to take all the black stuff off:

she has never done henna designs before… she just watched someone do it to her in india.  what?!  she’s so awesome.

here are everybody elses:

(going clockwise from the top left: sarah, kara, katie, caroline)

and this is what she did to herself:

(she actually has since added a little more, and it looks even sweeter.)

pretty cool!  my roommate is just so great. :)

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3 Responses to my roommate is so awesome

  1. Annie says:

    that’s awesome! i’ve wanted to get a henna tattoo for a long time, but i never have. yours looks so pretty!

  2. I loooove henna! Gretchen’s designs are so cool!

  3. Kylee says:

    That is so cool! I’ve never had henna done before, but always admire it when I see it on others. Maybe I need to try it out one day! : )

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