i’m still alive, i promise.

alternately titled: what i’ve done over the last month and a half.

so, i am still alive over here… i haven’t really felt like blogging publicly lately/had much time to write anything. and now i realize it’s been over a month since i last posted something. whoops. junior year is going really well, and time is continuing to fly by. it’s hard to believe it’s already mid-october. it’s a tough sprint with school work for the next week and a half, but i’m chugging through. 3 exams, 2 quizzes, a paper, and a lab presentation stand between me and fall break. i’m really looking forward to the time off, even it it’s only a few days.

i’ve been working pretty hard to glorify god through my studies and keep up with everything. so far so good, aside from one killer microbiology exam last week given by a new professor straight out of grad school at princeton. i’m not even going to get into the details, but it was horrible. by far the worst exam i have ever experience. hoping for a large curve on that…

in addition to all the studying, i have actually been having some fun. (shocking, right? ha.) the first weekend of the semester some friends and i took a little trip to pittsburgh. we went to mount washington, which was awesome. i love skylines so much, and this was one of the coolest skyline views ever. we also just walked around the city and had fun being together.

kara learned how to make some delicious pancakes while working at the beach this summer, however only knew the recipe in bulk, so on labor day we had a really fun pancake breakfast with all a big group of friends. my camera pretty much just got passed around that morning, and i didn’t have it at all, but these were among the random pictures that various people took. there were a lot more people there than actually ended up in the pictures though. oh well.

remember when i posted this? and then never followed up on that? well, this is what we did:
it was kind of just a trial run, because after we finished we decided we wanted to get a ton of crayons and make some huge ones for our wall. and we did… but i’ll post those pictures later on.
in the middle of september i went home for my cousin’s wedding, which was so awesome.  she looked beautiful and it was really fun to see family i don’t see all the time.  i forgot my camera at school (i know, i know… but i had to leave here super early to get home in time and it slipped my mind) so here are a couple pictures from other people:

so even though we totally should have been studying, one thursday night gretchen and i could wait no longer, so after a trip to walmart with kara (and a sunset chase, which was awesome) we made 2 of the 3 large crayon melting projects for our wall.
they’re on the wall now, but i don’t have a picture… yet.  maybe once we get all 3 that we have planned made and hung, i’ll post about them again.  it’s a really fun project!  (though i’m praying it doesn’t fry my hair dryer… ha.)

oh, and that sunset chasing?  well i only had my phone with me, but it was a pretty spectacular sunset.
and well… i wont get into details, but kara was a little excited about the sunset and um… may have exhibited some not so hot driving skill.  ha. (that’s mud.)

fall came in with a bang here, and the trees changed color practically overnight.  kara, gretchen and i also found a baby bird.  we told kara not to pick it up, but she never listens, haha.

the last weekend of september was homecoming weekend.  i went to the dance on friday night with some friends which was fun.  we went with a lot more people than just the three of us, but somehow we’re the only ones in the picture before, and also from the photobooth picture.
we skipped the homecoming game and most of the festivities on saturday and instead went to the nearest starbucks (30 minutes away… so sad) to do some studying.  because we’re responsible lame like that.

after our starbucks trip, we went to the aex fall party, which is just a huge bonfire in the woods behind one of our professors houses.  and when i say huge bonfire, i really mean huge:

gretchen and i developed an intense need for chocolate one sunday night and made a walmart run around 11pm.  we got peanut butter snickers, which were freaking delicious.
apparently, the combination of chocolate near midnight coupled with sleep deprivation = complete chaos.  i was literally in tears due for laughter for about 25 minutes straight over nothing.  and then this happened:
grant refers to our room as a circus… i feel like after this i can’t even try to argue with him.

the next weekend (does anyone have any idea where we actually are now since i’ve given like… no actual dates?  i think we’re at the beginning of october now.) i finally got a new travel battery after over a year of waiting for the technology center to get their act together after mine literally exploded.  this is my, “i’m-super-pumped-that-my-computer-will-last-more-that-an-hour-now” face:

having friends living in the on-campus (but off-set) apartments has been interesting this year. i definitely don’t get to see those friends as often anymore, which is kind of sad. however it makes the time i do get to spend with them even better. the same day i got my new battery, i also got together with some of those friends and we cooked together and had “family dinner” which was really nice. we went grocery shopping (and made a quick stop at halloween usa, where this happened: then we made a chocolate chip pie and this delicious chicken dish:i don’t really know why we didn’t take more pictures… i feel like i’m very much lacking in pictures of people and things happened this year… i gotta get on that.

this past weekend we played capture the flag around campus which was probably one of the most fun things i have done in a long time.  it was hilarious.  we all dressed in straight black, and got a lot of very strange looks, haha.
my outfit was incredibly tame in comparison to some peoples.  think black paint, hats, camo… it was insane, hahaha.  i’m gonna have to step up my game next time.

and on saturday, my friend sarah who transfered came to visit.  which was awesome.  i miss her so much so it was great to spend a few hours with her between studying.  (i know… i’m so lame.  studying on a saturday… who am i?!)  bethany also came and hung out with us and we had a “former biochem majors” reunion.  :)

and now i’m back to frantically studying for all the stuff i previously mentioned that separates me from fall break.  hopefully the next time you hear from me it wont be november, haha.

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