(more) wisdom from max lucado

“serenity in suffering is a stirring testimony. anybody can preach a sermon on a mount surrounded by daisies. but only one with a gut full of faith can live a sermon on a mountain of pain.”

“the same hand that pushed the rock from the tomb can shove away your doubt. the same power that stirred the still heart of christ can stir your flagging faith. the same strength that put satan on his heels can, and will, defeat satan in your life. just keep the power supply open.”

“the journey is not the destination. the vessel is not the goal. those who are content with nothing more than joy in the journey are settling for too little satisfaction. our hearts tell us there is more to this life than this life.”

“real courage embraces the twin realities of current difficulty and ultimate triumph. yes, life stinks. but it won’t forever.”

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