music (take 8)

it’s been a really long time since i’ve done one of these music posts… so fasten your seat belts… here comes a long one! (it might also be long because this is just one more way i can procrastinate writing my civ arts paper… ha.) anyway… here are a few artists i am loving right now:

1. the civil wars

i’m legit obsessed with the civil wars.  some of my favorite songs are i’ve got this friend, tip of my tongue, and my fathers father, but really… you can’t go wrong with any of it. i’ve been driving my roommate insane, because for weeks since getting back to school they’ve been on my playlist… which pretty much never gets turned off in this room.  you can get a free download of their single barton hollow here.

2. james vincent mcmorrow

if you like justin vernon, you will like james vincent mcmorrow.  grant introduced me to his music a few weeks ago and i haven’t looked back since.  and remember when steve winwood’s higher love was on my list of songs i loved?  yes well… that was kind of a joke.  because i didn’t actually think that was some musically incredible song.  it was just kinda fun.  but this cover by james vincent mcmorrow… oh my word, i am in love.

3. john mayer

i have always been, and will always be, a john mayer fan.  his very first album, room for squares, will always be my favorite, but i’m pretty much a huge fan of all of his work.  anyway… like any artist, sometimes you don’t listen to them for a while just because you’re listening to other stuff, and then bam, one day you pick that cd back up and fall in love all over again.  well, that happened to me with john mayer last december and i don’t think i’ve made a mix cd for my car without a john mayer song on it since.  anyway… the past few weeks have been the pinnacle of my john mayer addiction.  he’s just fantastic.

4. mat kearney


go get it.  right now.

and actually… if you don’t own mat kearney’s entire discography, you’re kind of missing out.  i don’t know why it took young love to get me on the mat kearney bandwagon, but consider me a convert.  i’m going to see him in pittsburgh in november and i can’t freaking wait.

5. mutemath

mutemath holds a special place in my heart after giving the best live show i’ve ever heard at the house of blues in cleveland in september 2009.  i don’t even remember why i was home from school then, but some friends and i decided last minute to go to the show and i’m so glad we did.  i liked mutemath before that, but fell in love after that.  they just released odd soul, and it’s great.

6. josh garrels

okay… so you can get josh garrels entire album for free here.  and you should do it, because he is incredible.  my favorites are beyond the blue and bread & wine.

7. christopher o’riley

if you like radiohead, this guy has taken their stuff and made classical-awesomeness with it.  and even if you don’t like radiohead, you should still download true love waits and hold me to this.  honestly some of the best study music ever.

8. the milk carton kids

simply two guys and their guitars.  it has a bit of a folk-y feel.  you can download their stuff for free here.  i actually only have prologue (i don’t know why… i’m going to go download the other one right now.) but anyway, i really like i still want a little more, michigan, and milk carton kid.

9. sanctus real

it’s not new, but i just got pieces of a real heart and really like these things take time, i wanna get lost, and dear heart.


okay, well i could probably keep going, but i really do need to write that paper, haha.  but those are some of the artists i have been seriously digging lately.

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2 Responses to music (take 8)

  1. Annie says:

    i don’t have money for new music but i did download the free albums you recommended. i’m excited to listen to them!

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