mylo xyloto… get it.

alright, so i will admit that while i will rarely skip a coldplay song if it comes on shuffle, there has not really been a time in the last year or so that i have thought to myself, “wow i really want to listen to coldplay right now.” but, i have always liked them, and yesterday i bought mylo xyloto. let me just tell you… it is awesome! my love for coldplay has been reignited, and i can’t stop listening to it.* the album is fun and exciting in a pop (but not overly so) kind of way. it’s an album that i can’t wait to play in my car when i’m driving around with friends late at night. you know the kind.

i just tried to write more of a review type thing than that… but i can’t. i’m bad at trying to put my feelings about music into words. you just have to experience it. so, do it. i highly recommend it. if the album had been out when i made that huge list of music 2 weeks ago, you better believe this would have been right up near the top.  it really is great.  and you can download it for only $7.99 on amazon.

*side note: why do i always get this way with music? i listen to it obsessively and then wear it out… i need to stop that, haha.
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