the pumpkin post mystery

so, one of the sororities sold “pumpkin posts” this week as a fundraiser for a recent graduate who is doing mission work this year. (essentially the same thing as a candy cane gram, just for halloween.) well, i got a super weird one that looked like this:

and the thing is… i don’t know anyone with those initials!! and to make things weirder, there are atleast 5 other people (that i know of) on this campus who also received the same poem (also with the word hooray spelled wrong) from the same initials, but with different handwriting! and i’m only really friends with two of those people, and we can’t find any common link between us whatsoever. so weird! it’s the great pumpkin post mystery of 2011!

i will update you if/when this mystery is solved! i’m hoping that grant’s suggestions of, “maybe this is a halloween thing and the recipients are going to end up in a saw like situation or just die. not that I want you to die or anything…” is incorrect, haha.

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