remember that time i went to philadelphia?

in um… june?  yeah.  that happened.  and then i got home around 1am and started work at 7:15am the following morning… and then life went crazy for the rest of the summer.  and then came school.  and, if you couldn’t tell… this blog has pretty much been neglected for the past four and a half months.

buti did go to philadelphia.  and i still wanted to post some of the pictures here, because it was a really fun trip.  so without further ado…

mary grace and gretchen’s trip to philadelphia
(and new jersey and, briefly, delaware)

at 8:11am (only 11 minutes behind schedule!) on thursday morning we headed out with gretchen behind the wheel, and me in charge of the music.  obviously jobs that are on the same level importance wise.

we made great time and actually got to bianca’s house a few minutes before she did after work.  so we parked awkwardly down the street and waited, while taking pictures to document the fact that we made it to philly.

then once b got home, we unloaded and then got back in the car for a fun little trip to longwood gardens.  such a cool place!



day 167
this picture was an accident, but i kind of love it.



love them, haha.

we hung this on the wall in our room this year and jokingly refer to it as our engagement picture.

bianca captions this picture, “how well do you know mary grace?”




so much love, hahaha.DSC_1562




after our longwood trip we headed back to b’s house, had a delicious meal with the fam and then just hung out and relaxed.  we watched the tourist which was really good.  although i fell asleep during part of it. (surprise surprise… i fall asleep during pretty much every move started after 8pm, ever.)

the next day we went into the city and did all of the tourist-y things.  and of course, took a million pictures.

outside the constitution center


we didn’t feel like waiting in line to actually see the liberty bell.  so… he’s the liberty bell through plexiglass + a bored security guard.


at it’s your move park.

DSC_1628 (2)
bianca and her brother jordan

love park

DSC_1637 (2)
we had a picnic lunch and played frisbee at fairmount park

on the rocky steps.

philly skyline and two of my best friends ever.  love it.

outside the art museum.  we ended up going in and stayed for well over 3 hours.  it was so cool!  we could have stayed even longer but we had lots of other things we wanted to do.




after the art museum we headed to south street, which was sweet!

we went to the magic gardens which were so cool.  if you’re even in philly, you should definitely check it out.


then we used some handy app on jordan’s phone to try and find a place to eat.  we ended up at this super nice italian restaurant a few blocks from the magic gardens.  we didn’t really realize how fancy it was, but it was fine.  the food was delicious!!

after dinner we got frozen yogurt from a place right on south street and then headed home in time to meet caroline, who drove down the bianca’s house from north jersey to spend the night with us and come to the beach with us the next day.  one of my favorite parts of this whole vacation was the fact that we got to see so many of our friends, even ones who lived a few hours from bianca.

so friday night we just hung out at b’s house and went to bed relatively early because saturday morning we headed out to cape may to meet up with kara (who was working down there this summer) and spend the day at the beach!










saturday was by far the best day of vacation.  getting to spend the day in cape may with 4 of my best friends ever = totally awesome.  growing up my family vacationed to cape may every year… so it was kind of strange to be there in a different context.  but the family vacationed stopped a few years back, so i enjoyed the chance to go back.

bianca had to leave around 4 to go to her cousin’s graduation party, so we said goodbye to her and the rest of us headed off to explore and find some food.  we ended up at ‘harbor-fest’ which was kind of random.  my favorite part of that was hearing a random snippit of conversation where someone said, “well i grew up thinking a bell pepper was a mango!”  interesting… haha.  eventually we ended up at the cape may mall and got some delicious margarita pizza from a little pizza shop.  seriously some of the best pizza i’ve ever had.  after walking around a little bit we went to this small homemade ice cream place that had some seriously awesome ice cream.  let me just say, if there’s one thing this vacation was not lacking, it was good food.

after ice cream we said goodbye to caroline, as she had to be home to receive an award in church the next morning, and then headed to kara’s house (back up near philly).  we all got showers and hung out with kara’s family for a while.  i love kara’s parents… they are hilarious.  when we first pulled in, kara’s dad informed us that kara’s mom had bought stuff for smore’s and then proceeded to ask if gretchen and i had ever tried a smore.  (obviously, we had, haha.)

“welcome to my house… where we come for showers and my mother buys smores.” – kara

kara decided to come spend the night at bianca’s and come to church with us in the morning, so around midnight we left kara’s house and drove back to bianca’s.  we all just crashed after a long day in cape may.

sunday morning we all went to b’s church and then went out for philly cheese steaks at tony lukes.  we had to wait in line for over an hour, but it was totally worth it!  yum!


after our first experience with legit philly cheese steaks we said goodbye to kara and then went back to b’s house to hang out.  we decided we wanted to make a birthday cake for our friend jordan, who was turning 22 the next day, and who we had plans to go out to dinner with.  two trips to the grocery store later, we were finally ready to bake.






while the cake was baking we made a card.  and by “we” i really mean, gretchen made a card, and i sharpened all the colored pencils for her, haha.





“hey jordan… random question… what is your favorite beach animal?  a sandpiper bird? okay cool.  oh no reason.  see you tomorrow!  bye!”

the cake was done before the card was finished so we briefly abandoned that project in order to decorate the cake.  and by ‘we’ i again mean gretchen.  i just mixed the frosting, haha.



the final product.  gretchen, being the artsy person that she is, wanted to keep decorating it, but we told her it was fine and made her stop.

back to card making, where gretchen read us a children’s book while bianca glued some red strips to the side of the card and filled out the inside.

all said and done, the card turned out pretty cute.  probably because i really had nothing to do with the artistic part of it, hahaha.

sunday night bianca’s dad cooked us a delicious meal of linguine and clams (one of my favorite meals ever!) and it was so unbelievably good.  bianca’s dad is super italian, and boy is he a good cook!

sunday night we snuggled in bianca’s bed and watched dead poet’s society, one of my favorite movies.  a perfect end to a wonderfully relaxing day.

monday morning we got up bright and early and headed to ocean city, nj to spend another day at the beach.  it was kind of rainy in the morning, but as the day went on it turned out to be really really nice.  kara met up with us for a little while too, on her way back to cape may.  because of the rain i left my camera in the car, so there’s really only one picture from the day, of b, gretchen, and i hanging out while it was sprinkling.


we ended up staying at the beach a tad too long though, and then caught traffic on the way home, so it was a mad rush to get showered and back out the door in time to meet our friends in west chester for dinner.  all three of us went from beachy and gross to showered and ready to go in under 20 minutes.  i’d like to call that a major success!  i ended up forgetting my camera at the house in the chaos of getting out the door in time, but we had a fantastic dinner with jordan, ryan, ashley, and pete.  and we went to rita’s for water ice, which i had never had before.  it’s better than it sounds, haha.

after dinner, rita’s, and some time walking around westchester we all headed back to bianca’s and ate the cake we had made for jordan’s birthday.  somehow, this is the only picture i took all night.


we enjoyed our cake and ended up all sitting around talking about the biology department at our school.  yep… i guess that’s what happens when you put 7 biology majors together, haha.

after everyone left we watched a random movie, but i don’t even know what it was because i literally fell asleep about 3 minutes in.  shocking to no one, haha.

tuesday we decided to drive down to delaware to go to the brandywine zoo since it was no where near as expensive as the philadelphia zoo. we had a good time. i basically fell in love with a baby goat.  if i could have taken him home, i totally would have, haha.












DSC_1891 (2)

after the zoo we went to a random park and hung out for a while.


this was me trying not to be afraid of the dog that was slightly out of the frame, haha.


following our park adventure, we went back to the house, ate dinner, and then went mini golfing with bianca’s brother aaron.

DSC_1919 (2)
i fail miserably at putt putt, hahaha.



the following morning it was time to say goodbye and drive back home.  stupidly, i drank two cups of coffee and two bottled waters before/during the first part of our trip, so i was hurting not too far into the trip. all the while, gretchen was playing the gas game and kept driving past exits because, ‘we can get gas so much cheaper.’ i was about ready to tell her to just pull to the side of the road because i was going to pee in her car if she didn’t when she finally stopped at a rest stop. i have never run into a subway faster, hahaha.

this is my ‘i really have to pee’ face.

on the way home we happened to drive kind of by our friend sarah’s town, so we decided to detour a little bit to see her, which was so nice.  we ended up meeting up with her at a sheetz, where she paid her brother a dollar to take a picture of us in front of a gas pump, hahaha.

DSC_1929 (2)
you can clearly tell who had been in the car all day, haha.

DSC_1930 (2)

about 7 hours after setting off we finally made it back to gretchen’s house, where my parents were going to pick me up.  since they weren’t there yet, we walked around her farm a little bit and took some pictures.



DSC_1953 (2)




eventually my parents got there and we made the last 3 hour trek home.  it was pretty much the best week of my life, and i’m so glad i had the chance to go.  we’re already talking about a potential philly adventure 2012, so we’ll see what happens!


if you made it through this entire post… mad props to you. :)

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  1. memory says:

    love the “engagement picture” joke! hehe(: love her scarf too.

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