what happens when your best friend is your lab ta

and you have one of the most hilarious professors ever…

so, my friend grant is my lab ta for biochemistry.  and every. single. lab. i overhear him talking about me with our professor.  and somehow this always ends with him telling some ridiculous story about me, or me having to explain some ridiculous story about my life because grant started it but couldn’t remember the whole thing, or something.  so dr. s knows way too much about my life.  and he always jokes about it.  and one day grant brought up the fact that our friend bekah has turned all of my emails/blog posts about my life being ridiculous into a small book.  dr. s said he was sure that contained some gems and hopefully he’d get his hands on a copy one day.  i pray he does not, haha.

anyway, dr. s emailed us our graded papers back on monday morning, and when i opened my email and read his comments on my enzyme paper i basically died of laughter.  this is what my paper said:


gretchen says he probably should have ended it with, “your secrets are safe… for now!”  she’s probably right.  knowing grant and bekah, he’ll probably have a copy of that ‘book’ before the semester is over.  so… unless i want some weirdo recommendation letter for pa school, i should probably ask someone else, hahaha.

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