shake up the happiness…

…it’s christmastime!

well, actually it’s finals time, so that’s kind of overshadowing christmas for me right now, unfortunately.  but in an effort to make it feel at least a little bit like christmas, gretchen and i have decorated the room a little bit, and i’ve tried to play christmas music as much as possible.  (did you catch my train reference with the title of this post?  i love shake up christmas!)  i made some “easy” christmas tree garland:


why is easy in quotations marks, you ask?  well, when i first started this project it was something i figured i could finish in the hour of free time i had last monday night.  wellllllll, lets just say i didn’t finish this little project until friday afternoon.  it might not look like something that would be time consuming but um… well, it took me a while, haha.  and, while i was standing on my desk struggling to tie it to the pipe in our ceiling, the maintenance man walked in.  this might not seem weird but you have to understand that the maintenance staff without fail always walks in while something ridiculous is happening in this room.  like, the time before this, one of them walked in as i was announcing that i was super hungry and all i wanted was to “gnaw on a piece of meat.”  so basically, they all think i’m insane.  i guess i should just accept this, because let’s face it… i kind of am insane, haha.

anyway… back to the christmas decorating!  so i made the christmas tree garland, and i also cut out a bunch of paper snowflakes, and made a giant paper chain.  (which gretchen’s response to was, ‘yeah, i was wondering what you were doing over there… you’ve been much to quiet for the last 20 minutes.’  awesome… i’m considered a child now, haha.)


we also have a little tree, and some christmas cookies from various people.


and of course, some lights, and our little wreath!  also, we have white twinkly lights that go around the other two walls, but i didn’t really take a picture of that because well… they’re just white lights.  (if you’re looking at these pictures and thinking, ‘wow mary grace… these are horrible photographs, and wow, you and your roommate are really messy.’ i just have one word for you: finals. okay, great.)DSC_3176

oh… and we started decorating our door and we just haven’t had time to finish it.  (aka… it’s never getting finished, so this is as good as it’s gonna get, haha.)


(that blue dry erase marker adds a nice touch, don’t you think?!)

so yep… that’s what we’ve done with the place.  it’s thrilling, i know.  really the only reason i’m sharing all of this with you is because i don’t want to study and this seemed like a good was to procrastinate. :)

and, just because i thought it was adorable, here’s a somewhat related story:

today i was on the phone with my youth pastor’s wife d, and their 5 year old daughter j (who i absolutely love and adore) wanted to talk to me.  it all started with her telling me about her preschool christmas concert tomorrow, and since i couldn’t be home to see it, she sang me two of the songs over the phone.  (adorable!)  anyway, after she finished singing away in a manger, she asked me if i would sing a song for her.  i could hear d laughing in the background because she knows i can’t sing at all and will straight up refuse to sing in front of anyone, but she also knows that i love j and pretty much can’t say no to her.  i tried to skirt around the issue at first, offering to have my roommate (who is an amazing singer) sing for her, but she insisted that she wanted me to sing her a song, requesting jingle bell rock.  then i told her that i didn’t know all the words to jingle bell rock (i don’t) hoping that would put an end to me having to sing.  but she just sighed and told me, “alright, plain old jingle bells will be just fine!”  at this point i realized there was no getting out of this, i was gonna have to sing.  so j told me she would start me off and then she would sing the jingle bells part, and through laughter (my own, d’s, and the uproarious laughter coming from my roommate who thought it was hilarious that the 5 year old got me to sing) j and i sang our jingle bells duet.  and i’ll confess… it was unbelievably bad and out of tune yet hilariously awesome.  so yes… today i learned that the best way to relieve finals stress is to sing a christmas duet with a 5 year old over the phone.  because even if you can’t sing to save your life, it’s still pretty fun and you’ll laugh all your stress away. :)

definitely miss this kid.  looking forward to singing christmas songs with her in person in a week!

alright… now i really need to get back to studying.  have a fantastic wednesday night! :)

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3 Responses to shake up the happiness…

  1. Memory says:

    Love the decorations. And that giant pile of cookies is amazing. Plus, that little girl is adorable!

    • mary grace says:

      thanks! that giant pile of cookies has been reduced to almost nothing… we shared them, but to be honest, a lot of them ended up in my stomach, hahaha.

  2. memory says:

    i can understand why…they look SO yummy!!(: we have been baking lots of cookies here. so many friends from church have given us delicious treats and i am enjoying them all!(:

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