oh finals

you are killing me. slowly.

i am so looking forward to being done-zo. 17 more hours. 4 will be spent taking tests, 3… (okay… 2.5 is more accurate guess…) will be spent sleeping, and the other 10.5 will be spent studying and guzzling coffee like it’s my job, haha.

on the bright side, if all goes well, this will probably be my best semester academically so far in college. which i suppose makes sense, seeing as it’s the semester i’ve put the most work into, but it’s good to know that it’s (hopefully) going to pay off. :)

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1 Response to oh finals

  1. memory says:

    go mary grace, go! i hope they all go well so they can be put behind you and the future can be enjoyed.(;

    p.s. thank you SO MUCH for your comment on my vlog! i LOVED your sweet words. that’s neat y’all don’t call it rolling… what is your term for it? i’d love to hear! and i would also love to hear the vlog that you did! please do post it!(:

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