remember that time i didn’t blog for 32 days…

…again?  yeah… well moving on from that…

winter break was fabulous.  it was so nice to be home for a whole month.  i was able to do a ton of babysitting, which does my soul good.  i think that’s the biggest thing i miss when i’m at school… there are no babies and children around!  i also volunteered at the hospital a few times (more on that later) and got to spend some time with great friends.  it was an all around good time, and i will admit that as excited as i was to see my friends back at school i was actually pretty sad to leave home this time around.  but so far the semester (all 10 days of it) has been fantastic and i feel blessed by the fact that no matter where i am i can honestly say i am extremely happy and am surrounded by amazing, encouraging, and uplifting people.  god is so good to me!

(so i would just like to say that everything you are reading after this point had to be typed twice.  because i had this big huge long awesome post written and somehow everything except the first paragraph got deleted and i couldn’t recover any of it. **note to self… save everything multiple times while using windows live writer…** so now that i have to rewrite it and i am ticked, i am just making a public declaration of my annoyance.  alright… moving on.)

i’m going to do a winter break via facebook posts again this year like i did last year.  because that’s an easy way to summarize break.  if it made it to facebook, it was obviously noteworthy, haha.  so without further ado

december 21:
58 degree weather has welcomed me back to c-town. is this real life?! loveeeeee it. so happy to (finally) be home!
december 23:
“mary grace… you’ve been here 3 days in a row! i LOVE that!” – jimage
december 24:
“do you want a christmas punch?” – my mom to my sister
“right now, this is as christmas as it’s gonna get!” –mom
“um, false?” –me
december 25:
the annual christmas morning family ‘portrait’ per grammy’s request.  take 957.  or so it felt like.DSC_3184
december 28:
i had to go all over canada and sing this song in malls. for a whole year, i lived off of orange juliuses and wetzel’s pretzels.

(side note… this was when i became obsessed with how i met your mother.  well actually it was the time when the world became privy to my himym obsession.  because i watched season one over thanksgiving and then in a complete addiction, watched the other six seasons over christmas break.  i know, i know… but don’t judge.  it’s hilarious.)

this is the clip that status was referencing.
december 31: (while doing my brunette friend’s hair for a new years party)
me: what do you want me to do with your hair?
megan: well i want it to look like the girl on the proactive commercial.
me: …you’re gonna have to give me a little more here.
megan: well, she’s blonde…
me: well that’s not gonna happen…
i cannot watch dick clark. the thought of watching him die on live tv while counting down to the new year is honestly one of my biggest fears.
january 8:
i will cheer for any team playing the steelers. that is made particularly exciting when i get to cheer for denver. GO BRONCOS!
january 10:
today while volunteering at the hospital i accidentally flipped a wheelchair over, and then proceeded to completely trip over it and fall flat on my face while trying to pick it up. luckily, the wheelchair was unoccupied at the time. when i finally got myself and the chair disentangled and into the upright position, 3 screws and the leg rest fell off the chair. a group of about 15 people watched all of this go down. smooth, mary grace… really smooth.
january 11:
i had to drop something off at the high school for christine this morning. before i could even say anything after entering the office, the lady started writing me a tardy pass, as if i were late for school. i graduated three years ago, but thanks…
spending 4 days with d and the kiddos.  excited to spend time with this little guy.DSC_3199
january 12:
fun times with the webcam this morning.  they were trying so hard to ‘act sad’ but kept cracking themselves up.  it was hilarious.  they were finally satisfied with this one, haha.snapshot(27)
had girl time with j this afternoon while everybody else was sleeping… we played barbies and made cookies… i’d call that pretty successful! :)DSC_3215
january 13:
now this is what i call multitasking!  we all thought it was hilarious until he accidentally put the paint brush in his mouth instead of the beater.   that wasn’t so fun, haha.DSC_3234
january 14:
from upstairs, i just heard my mother, who is watching football in our living room, scream: “RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!” i’m slightly concerned.
january 15:
brunch at first watch with megan, alyssa, trevor, cat, and jason.  blt&e?  don’t mind if i do. :) love hanging out with great friends… wishing sara was still home!
january 16:
watching tangled with the [family i babysit]… it’s possible that i am more excited than the kids…
january 17:
got to play with my aunt’s new puppy tucker today… oh my gosh i am in love with him.  so so so freaking cute.  (i know you are all shocked by the fact that i love a dog… i’m completely serious though… look at how cute he is!)DSC_3242
january 18:
halfway through my time on the elliptical tonight i realized i was humming songs from a children’s worship cd. i’m sure everyone around me thought i was insane. great.
january 21:
so i finished all of my laundry to take back to school today, and since i didn’t want to make any of it dirty, i’ve been wearing really old stuff. after finishing folding all of the clean laundry, i realized i forgot to buy a new hamper while i was home. i figured since it was kind of late i could run to target quickly and get one and it wouldn’t matter that i was dressed kind of ridiculously because really… who would i see? (um… big mistake. in the 15 minutes i was in target, i saw 8 people i knew. awesome.) when i went to leave, the drivers side door of the car was frozen shut, so i had to get in the car from the passengers side and then crawl over. that should not have been difficult. but… there was a cd sticking up between the seats which i ended up half sitting on while getting over, and it pretty much shattered. the jagged edge of the now broken mat kearney cd ripped my pants and then cut me. like… what?! who does that happen to?!  the worst part of this is that target didn’t even have any hampers so the whole trip was kind of pointless. on the bright side, at least they were old pants that i shouldn’t have been wearing anyway. this is my life…

so yep… there’s my christmas break via facebook.  so far spring semester has been good.  i’m taking some challenging classes but i think they’ll be okay.  i’m really really excited about taking child development… it seems like it’s going to be a great class.

have any of you guys ever played fishbowl?  i hadn’t until this past weekend when my friends and i actually played it on two separate occasions. it’s so much fun!  i have a feeling it’s going to become a go-to game around here.  and that is just fine with me!  so humorous.

lastly, i’ve decided that i’m going to participate in fat mum slim’s february photo a day challenge:

i tried to do a project 365 in 2011 and was doing really really well until august.  and then that whole thing came to a screeching halt.  i think a month of directed photos is totally reasonable though.  and i’m just going to post them on the blog.  (so hey! you might start seeing daily posts around here soon, ha.)

so for today, my view:DSC_3269
february 1st and it was blue skys and sun!  i’ve had the windows open all day!  you cannot even begin to comprehend how happy this makes me.  love it. :)

and with that, i’m gonna peace out and start doing my homework.  imagine that.

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3 Responses to remember that time i didn’t blog for 32 days…

  1. memory says:

    I LOVE the family photo! It was so neat to see everyone in your family and see what they look like, ha.

    I think that it’s just awesome you love kids so much. I know they love you too :)

    I’ve missed you blogging. I’ve seriously been thinking about you and then your new post popped up in my email inbox the other day…hooray! Glad you’re back.


    • mary grace says:

      you are too sweet! :)

      i’m glad to be back to blogging. i don’t know why i let a whole month go by without posting anything and hardly reading other people’s blogs. i guess break just had me busy and then i felt like i had to write a post that was more than just a few sentences and it just kept getting put off longer and longer. hopefully it wont happen again!

  2. memory says:

    oh an i’m so super pumped you’re doing the photo a day thing!!

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