tonight at the extravaganza. about .3 seconds prior to this picture, every person in the place had their hands up, but you know how dances go. this was as good as i could get.

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2 Responses to hands

  1. annie says:

    i feel like it’s always impossible to get a picture of what you want at dances. things just move too fast! what dance were you at?

    also, i just realized that between google reader and bloglovin {which i switched to a while ago after google reader decided to lose its mind on me} have conspired against my getting updates of your posts. so i’ve basically seen three of the posts you’ve published in the past two to three months and nothing else. however, i am now caught up, and i will be making sure bloglovin brings up your posts when it’s supposed to!

    also, we are way overdue for an email conversation. i am hoping to catch up on my email tomorrow so i will send you one then!

    • mary grace says:

      yeah, it’s especially hard when you’re trying to take the picture with your phone without losing the coat check tickets stashed inside of it, haha. the dance is an annual thing at our school put on by one of the guys housing groups. it’s called the extravaganza and it’s probably the best dance of the year. it takes place in our of our cafeterias… they move all the tables and chairs out of the way and decorate the place to the point that it’s hard to remember you’re even in the cafeteria anymore. and they have smoothies and cheesecake and fudge and various other fun foods. it’s a great time!

      and you haven’t really missed too much, considering i didn’t post anything in the month of january, haha. but i’m glad you’ll see the posts now.

      and i’d love to have an email conversation whenever you get time! :)

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