okay, so at 10am i was in the middle of church and i wasn’t about to whip a camera out and start taking pictures. so i decided i would do a 10pm picture instead. but at 10pm i was helping clean up and tear down a bounce house at a church superbowl party, so this is actually a 10:41pm picture. of me in my superbowl attire. i didn’t decide which team i was going to root for until just before kick off, so i wore red white and blue to allow me to choose either side, haha. (in case you were wondering, i ended up rooting for the giants, so that was fun.)

(taking and posting this picture makes me feel like a dork, but i didn’t really know what else to take a picture of at this point, haha.)
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One Response to 10am

  1. annie says:

    what do you mean you weren’t about to whip out your camera in the middle of church?!

    just kidding. after all, i was sleeping at 10am.

    i think we’re bound to be on the opposite sides of football. i didn’t really care who won but i went with the patriots because that’s who my dad and brother wanted, because tom brady went to michigan. {or so they say. they could be making all sorts of football facts up and I WOULD NEVER KNOW because i never know these things for myself, haha.}

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