blue & heart & phone

playing catch up a little since i haven’t posted my pictures for the past couple days.  but here they are…

attempting to balance out the thing i don’t like with two things i do.  studying for molec sym was still pretty tortuous though, ha.

thanks to the cafeteria, i am now in possession of what has been deemed the weirdest conversation heart of all time.  my personal favorite part about this is the fact that it’s singular, as in only one ‘dewy eye’.  hilarious.

this phone was an early graduation gift from my parents nearly 3 years ago.  it has suffered much abuse in its life, but the little guy is still going strong.  which is good because i hate all the new phones verizon has that don’t require a data plan and intend to use this phone until it literally will not function any longer (which i pray is a long time from now).

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2 Responses to blue & heart & phone

  1. memory says:

    that heart. hilarious. and i thought that MY phone was bad! wow! haha


  2. annie says:

    i hate all t-mobile’s phones that don’t require data plans, too, and have for years. i refused to upgrade my motorola razr until i was charging it between once and twice a day just to keep the stupid thing alive. the phone i have now works well enough, but i want to upgrade to an iphone soon!

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