so i changed up my usual study location so i would be productive and study for my biochem exam which is on thursday.  but you know… i’m blogging instead.  typical.

snapshot (3)

i’m pretty happy right now.  it’s nice enough outside to wear my favorite yellow sweater, i’m ‘studying’ in a coffee shop which is probably my favorite place to study, and i get to drink coffee out of a mug.  i love drinking coffee from a legit mug.  there is something about a regular mug… it’s better than a to-go cup or a travel mug (which is what i usually drink my coffee out of).  it’s the best.

you know what else is the best?  my coffee shop playlist.  7.7 hours of awesome, haha.  maybe i’ll share some of it in a music post that will hopefully come soon.

well, i probably should get back to that biochem.  that’s not the most happy thing, but even that can’t ruin the rest of the awesomeness of right now, haha.

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