lose yourself

so my life has been insane lately… i feel like i’m constantly in hyperdrive. but easter break is on the horizon (12 days from now… i can make it!) and having ten days to rest will be lovely. i keep trying to blog but can’t ever finish a post. i’ve been meaning to post a music thing recently and was going to include this because it is awesome but it’s taking too long to get myself together and write that and i can’t wait any longer to share this.

i’m not a fan of eminem at all, but joels cover is insanely good. i think i’ve listened to this 100 times (and that’s not an exaggeration… in fact it might be a low estimate, ha… i’m kind of obsessed.) i go to school with some super talented people. i hope you enjoy it as well!

i’m sure i’ll post some huge update with tons of pictures of all the stuff i’ve been up to soon, but until then… peace.

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One Response to lose yourself

  1. memory says:

    Missed you, girl!


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