on time quickly passing, growing up, and some other ridiculous ramblings

i cannot be the only one who feels like life is flying by.  i know i write something like this in just about every (horribly infrequent) blog post.  but honestly, it’s my reality right now.  life is flying by and i can’t seem to make it slow down.  in one of my very first blog posts i talked about how i was very excited to grow up… and i think that’s still true.  i’m excited, but i’m also kind of freaking out now that it’s not really that far away.  (and i guess for right now i’m equating graduation with growing up.  which, isn’t exactly correct because i’m certainly growing up as i go through college but… well i don’t know, just bear with me here i guess.) for most of this year i’ve been really focused on the fact that come may, a large number of my friends will be graduating. i am extremely sad about this. i mean… on the one hand i am so excited for and proud of them, but selfishly i’m really sad. next year is going to be very strange without all of them here and i will miss them terribly. (sidenote: this is horrible, but when i wish them good luck on an exam, a little part of me actually hopes they fail it so they have to stay here another year with me, hahaha. just kidding. well i mean, i do sometimes have those thoughts, but i wouldn’t actually want any of them to fail.) anyway, i have been so focused on the ‘all my friends are leaving’ aspect of the situation that i never really took the time to think about what their graduation means for me beyond that. that, come next year i will be entering my senior year of college.

honestly it didn’t hit me until last thursday. thursday was the day that the junior class had scheduling. scheduling went off without any major issues and i happily went off to see the hunger games with friends. (sidenote: we must talk about this movie later.) anyway, when it was done i came back to my computer and saw the following:


and all of a sudden i was smacked with the reality that ‘holy crap… i just scheduled for my senior year of college.’ excusemewhat? that’s not possible. i just moved in and said goodbye to my parents as a nervous but excited freshman. how can this time already be almost three-fourths over? (i know, i know… everyone told me it would go quickly. and i believed them, but i’m still having trouble with just how fast it really has gone.)

anyway, i’ve chosen to deal with all of this in a very mature way… i’ve spent the last week and a half listening to old school jesse mccartney music and obsessively checking my favorite thing on twitter, 90sgirlproblems. :) (and now i’m going to stop talking about it and go back to denying the fact that the semester ends in 5 weeks.)

in other news, despite the fact that i said i wasn’t going to nanny this summer a hundred thousand times since august, guess what i’m doing this summer? ha… yep. only two days a week, but i have to laugh at myself. i just can’t stop. i’m also hopefully hostessing at a restaurant near my house and continuing to volunteer at the local hospital. it should be a good summer. i would say i’m looking forward to it but um… the slower it gets here the better. oh wait… i’m not talking about that anymore.

i don’t think i’ve posted about this yet… but i’m going to france for 2 weeks next january! it’s an intercession trip for my last humanities credit, and i am super excited. i’ve never been out of the country before but have wanted to travel for a long time.  i’ve been seriously considering doing this trip for almost a year (they offer it for this class just about every intercession) and finally decided this was the right time to sign up.  gretchen is going too which makes the whole thing even more exciting. every so often one of us will randomly declare our excitement about it while we’re both hanging out in the room. and by every so often i actually mean at least once a day. and the trip is still months away so i’m pretty sure the excitement level in our room come next fall is going to be unbelievable, haha.

one of our other friends is going as well, so the three of us are talking about trying to learn a little bit of french beforehand so we don’t die/pee ourselves in public because we can’t ask for the bathroom, ha. i only know spanish so i anticipate this being a bit of a challenge. (okay, and obviously i know english as well. although while typing that sentence i accidentally wrote ‘i only know spanish so i anticipating…’ so i guess my knowledge of english is contestable.) my genius plan to avoid looking dumb is to use sign language since it is universal and just fake muteness. that way the people who can’t understand me are the ones who feel dumb, haha.  i must admit that my limited knowledge of sign language begins and ends with children’s worship song motions, but hey… most people don’t know sign language anyway and thus wont realize that i am just signing ‘yes, jesus loves me.’  my sister does not think this is a good plan… i have no idea why, hahaha.

(she pointed out that this plan may backfire on me in that i still wouldn’t be able to communicate my need for a bathroom and would then look even dumber when i peed my pants, but… whatever.)

i was hoping i’d be able to get it together and post things about our weekend at gretchen’s before august this year but um… things aren’t looking good in that department, haha.  but here’s a sneak peak:








so… that’s that.  i’m just kidding about august (i hope, ha.)  i should probably post the rest of those soon.  it was a really fun, and much needed, weekend away.

oh yeah, i’m recovering from a concussion too.  i’ll tell that story another time.  it’s a little bit humorous, especially since i’ll be okay.

welp, i started writing this at 11pm and it’s now 1am.  and technically easter, so i’ll close with one of my favorite videos of all time.  happy easter friends!

well the pharisees couldn’t stand him, but they found out they couldn’t stop him. pilate couldn’t find any fault in him. herod couldn’t kill him. death couldn’t handle him, and the grave couldn’t hold him! that’s my king!!
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5 Responses to on time quickly passing, growing up, and some other ridiculous ramblings

  1. memory says:

    I can’t believe how fast life is flying either. I’m graduating from high school next month and it just doesn’t seem possible. And my 18th birthday is this month?? How does this happen!
    Love these pictures. Shooting guns is the best. Can’t say the same for the snow. Hope you’re enjoying your busy life. :)

    • mary grace says:

      i definitely agree about the guns being fun but snow not being fun. i pretty much hate snow. though we did go on a snow hike at like 11pm while at gretchen’s house and i will admit that it was pretty fun. (but i’m sure a non-snow hike would have been just as fun, ha.)

  2. anniewiltse says:

    I know what you mean. College FLEW. I graduate in two and a half weeks, and I keep asking myself, “How did this happen?” And I know these next few weeks are going to just dash by.

    That’s SO exciting that you’re going to France! I took two years in middle school and I found that knowing Spanish really helped, at least in reading. And I actually found this website recently that offers free language practice: http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/

    It’s good to see you blogging again! I hope your semester’s going well. Also, do you have Skype? Once our semesters are over we should have a Skype chat!

    • mary grace says:

      i can’t wait for france! thanks so much for the website… i think that is going to be super helpful!

      i would absolutely love to skype with you. my microphone has been broken and i haven’t been able to use skype recently but i actually just got it fixed (as in i just picked my computer up about 2 hours ago, ha) so i would totally be down to skype!

      • anniewiltse says:

        ahhhh – I JUST saw this. Long story short, I now have a WordPress account because of a site my friend and I started up and so now I don’t get comment replies to my email. Darn! Anyway, we should definitely Skype soon! My schedule is pretty open because I graduated last weekend, so let me know when you have time! How much longer do you have before the end of your semester?

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