so it’s been a somewhat crazy (and at times really rough) past few weeks. i haven’t blogged about any of it (mostly because there hasn’t been time) but i survived it. summer vacation starts tomorrow and (hopefully) that will mean much more frequent blog posts.

anyway, today basically all of my best friends graduated. it was a very bittersweet, emotion-filled day. i am so so so excited for and proud of them but i am also incredibly sad that they are leaving. i held it together pretty well today, even through saying goodbyes, but i don’t think the whole thing is really going to hit me until i go back to school in the fall and they don’t. in all honesty, my heart hurts thinking about that, so i’m trying not to.

i am absolutely exhausted, but had to share my new favorite picture:

i am seriously in love with this photo. it’s exactly the photo i’ve been hoping to get all semester and i just get so happy every time i look at it. it’s perfect. i love these people so much.

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  1. anniewiltse says:

    Happy summer! Graduation was bittersweet for me, too. I made a new friend in one of my English courses this past semester and she said to me one day, “Annie, you make me sad.” “Why?” I asked, bewildered. And she went, “Because you’re leaving! All the cool people I met this year are graduating.” And I suppose that was true – all the cool people I’d met that year were graduating, too, or staying behind. It is as sad to leave our undergrad friends behind as it is to watch our graduating friends go. But there is a season for everything, and graduation is not always the end marker of some seasons of friendship.

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