i’m baaaaaaack!

i know you’re pumped about this, haha.  i took a break from blogging for the summer.  frankly, i pretty much took a year long blog break since i posted like 6 times last year.  however, seeing as i just started my senior year of college this year, i’d like to actually have a record of it.  so, i am going to blog at least once a week, preferably much, much more than that.  and to start it off, here’s a summer recap, in pictures. fasten your seat-belts ladies and gentleman… it’s gonna be a long one.

in june….

my sister graduated from high school!DSC_1004DSC_1035

two of my best friends got married!

as an aside, a bunch of us bridesmaids have been friends since we were 12. we survived a lot of awkward times together, haha. :)
8 years

and my fav little kids started to not look so little anymore…DSC_1447

in july…

we went to the indians game!

watched the sunset with cat.DSC_1616DSC_1624DSC_1638DSC_1654

turned 21, seriously struggled to blow out all my candles (it took 5 tries because i started laughing so hard) and got a goat card!DSC_1667DSC_1670DSC_1673DSC_1674DSC_1676DSC_1680DSC_1681DSC_1684DSC_1688DSC_1693

celebrated my birthday with more cake/a bonfire with friends (and somehow only managed to get 3 people in the pictures… whoops.)

my roommate came to visit, and we ate menchies, went to the beach, struggled to grab hands while swinging, hung out with c&d and the kids, and woke up at an ungodly hour to watch the sunrise, which was kind of a fail because it was cloudy, but still fun…ish!

a bunch of other friends came to visit/we drove to see even more friends.  we watched sunsets, ate calzones, hiked in sandals, skipped rocks, built rock towers, ETed all over the place, went to an indians game, played monopoly (i won, for the first time ever!), went out for ‘birthday’ dinner (a little late), played pounce (which jared lost miserably at), went bike riding (i got stung by a bee and emily heroically pulled the stinger out of my foot), played in a fountain, made ourselves delicious dinner, played more cards, hung out with d and the kids, had a girls date at menchies and the park, watched more sunsets, went to see the skyline, and had classy wine night. (yeah… it was pretty much the greatest 5 days ever.)

in august…

i went on vacation with c&d and family.  so fun! (seriously withholding the photos here because i could probably go crazy and post hundreds from these few days, ha.)

i went to one last indians game with cat.

had my last day nanny the most simultaneously sassy and sweet 5 year old ever.DSC_0546

devoured a calzone at dewey’s one last time with cat and jason, then went to mcdonalds for cones.DSC_0618DSC_0624DSC_0627DSC_0630DSC_0631

and that, is a photo synopsis of my summer.  at least the parts of it my camera was around for. :)

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5 Responses to i’m baaaaaaack!

  1. Memory says:

    You are SO BEAUTIFUL!!

    Glad to see you back.

  2. anniewiltse says:

    giiiiiiiiirl! i have missed you! it looks like you had a blast of a summer. happy belated birthday! what classes are you taking this semester? love that picture of you with the monopoly money flying all over!

    • mary grace says:

      i’ve missed you too! i’m slowly trying to catch up on reading all of your blog posts from the past few months! summer was so great though, and i’m glad i spent less time on the internet. good life choice.

      this semester i am taking mammalian anatomy, advanced genetics, analytical chemistry, abnormal psychology, and the ‘frontloading’ for the modern civilizations course i’m taking in january in france. it’s going to be crazy but i’m excited!

      that monopoly picture makes me laugh so hard every time i look at it… so ridiculous, haha.

      • anniewiltse says:

        that does sound absurd! but i hope the semester goes well!

        i spent less time on the internet this summer (i know it doesn’t look like it, haha) and it was good to do that. i actually cancelled my internet in may and went two months internet-free at my apartment! (then i moved home and back into the Land of Wireless – but this time, i didn’t have to pay for it ;] ) it was so nice to recover a lot of that time and get stuff done or actually READ BOOKS. weird how you can do that when you aren’t reading blogs! haha! i’m hoping to send you an email to catch up more on your life soon!

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