the ok button on my phone doesn’t work anymore.

this post title is completely irrelevant to the rest of this, but i couldn’t think of a title and felt like sharing that fact with you.

so, the weekly update is clearly going really well over here. ha.  but, nothing too exciting has happened so far.  okay that’s a lie.  i just haven’t updated because i’m not used to it after such a long break.  but… here goes nothing.

the first picture of senior year:DSC_0633

um, yeah.  i got really excited when i opened my dresser drawers and found that they were lined with winnie the pooh paper.  so… i might be a senior in college but i think i’m actually still 5 years old.  gretchen’s drawers are lined with princess paper.  i think it’s clear who got the better drawers here.  (me.)

awkward first day of school picture in which i look really tired.  (i was, and there’s a story behind that… maybe for another time.)

roomies pumped for the first day of classes.DSC_0641

so, the first day of classes went off without a hitch.

the second day of classes in bullets:

-skinned a cat
-ate nothing but a piece of gum until 3pm
-accidentally dressed exactly like gretchen for the first of what i’m sure will be many times(she left before i even woke up, ha.)

and the rest of the week happened but i honestly can’t even remember the highlights, other than the fact that i ate eggplant and made cookies with kara on thursday night.  (and that right there is exactly why i need to be better about blogging, ha.)

labor day weekend happened.  several weeks beforehand i had been invited to go to pittsburgh over labor day and said no, because i figured it would be a time when i’d be with all the friends i hadn’t seen all summer.  well, it seemed like everyone ended up leaving campus for some reason or another, so i kind of regretted not going to pitt.  but gretchen and i hung out and it was good.  i have zero pictures.  whoops.

on wednesday of week two, bekah came on a very whirlwind visit and we up and drove to the big house.  (sidenote… 3 of my best friends who graduated last year are living in a house together in pittsburgh.  we have been referring to this house as ‘the big house’ since before it was even a real thing.  i fully intend to spend a lot of time there this year, and this blog will likely contain a lot of references to said big house. :) get ready.)  anyway, we got to hang out with jared, emily, and shelby. (and kim too, because she stopped by for a little bit, which was a nice surprise.) it was wonderful eating real food for dinner.  good food and good friends.  somehow, these are the only two pictures i took.  i will be murdered for posting them, but it’s all i’ve got, ha.

i ended up getting kind of sick in the middle of the night (and stayed sick for several days after) so driving back in the morning was not the most fun thing ever, but i’m still glad we got to go.  the first of many big house trips for mary grace!

thursday i received this in my school mailbox:
creepy, right?  i’ll get back to this later on…

this past weekend i went to dinner at the professor’s who is leading our france trip’s house.  his wife made the best food and it was awesome.  i am even more excited for france now (i didn’t realize that was possible, haha.)  it’s going to be such a great experience, i am sure of it.

saturday i did absolutely nothing on the “to do saturday” list i made friday night, and rather watched a lot of sports and went out with friends.  i don’t regret it, haha.  loved watching the buckeyes win, and then watching my friends tear it up on the soccer field here at school. 6-2 win. yeah!!!!  i’m so excited about football season, and also to watch all my friends play soccer.  in theory i like summer the best, but idk… in reality my favorite season might just be fall.

you know what else happened on saturday?  this:
ew.  what????  (again… i’ll get back to this.)

sunday marked the start of middle school youth group, and let me just tell you… this year is going to have a completely different dynamic that i think is going to be exhausting but great none the less.  i’m excited to see the lord work in all of these kids lives.  being a youth group leader is so so so rewarding and i love it.

while walking home from youth group i ran into a bunch of friends who were walking to the park to frolf.  (is that popular where you guys are?  do you even know what that is?  i feel like the only time i’d ever heard about it before i came to school was at camp, which, consequently, was also located in pennsylvania.) so i decided that i might as well put my work off a little while longer and go hang out with them.

on monday, we had a very, very boring day in genetics.  i’ll leave kara’s notes to speak to that.

and yesterday… there was this:
so yes… some weirdo friend is sending me barbie pieces.  which is creepy and weird and just… i don’t even know.  gretchen received the other arm, leg, and the torso.  no confirmation on who is doing this, but i have my suspicions.  we’ll see if the culprit comes forward.

a funny story related to that head… i took it out of my mailbox and immediately just shoved it in my bag because like… who wants to be seen in the mailroom randomly holding a decapitated barbie head?!  not me, that’s for sure.  well… an hour and a half later i went to get lunch, and when i pulled my id out of my bag guess what came flying out with it!  yup… the barbie head.  so that was embarrassing, to say the least.

in other news, c&d’s baby will be here friday at the latest!  can’t wait to meet her.  i’m sure there will be lots and lots of pictures. :)

until next time… peace outttttttt.

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3 Responses to the ok button on my phone doesn’t work anymore.

  1. anniewiltse says:

    fact 1: i’m glad your school year is starting well!
    fact 2: that barbie mess is creepy.
    fact 2b: i see that there’s a post entitled “a hint to how the barbie story ends” so i’m glad this mystery gets resolved.
    fact 3: i feel like i’ve had eggplant before but i can’t remember.
    fact 4: i love that your drawers are lined with winnie the pooh paper.
    fact 5: i miss you. with that said, i’m about to search you on fb. also: wanna swap phone numbers?

    • mary grace says:

      yeah the barbie mess was creepy, and you’ve reminded me that i need to finish that story! i’ll write a post as soon as my anatomy exam is over!

      you should definitely try eggplant (again?) it’s awesome. :)

      andddd, i’m pumped that we’re fb friends now. we should def swap phone numbers!

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