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my roommate is so awesome

gretchen brought some henna back with her from india, and gave all of our friends henna tattoos on sunday night. mine was still drying when i took this picture, but look how cool it looked: and this is what it … Continue reading

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guess what we did this afternoon…

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room rearrangement issues

gretchen and i… well… mostly just me… had some issues rearranging the furniture in our room the day after we got to school.  at one point, i ended up pinned between a dresser and the wall.  and struggled to get … Continue reading

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seventeen years ago…

…i became a big sister. happy birthday, c! love you! :)

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even though i somewhat hate picnik and thing it’s super cheesy, i really wanted to put these lyrics on something, and this seemed like the most logical program.  (and by logical, i mean the only program i knew about/had access … Continue reading

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give me faith

‘i may be weak, but your spirit’s strong in me. my flesh may fail, my god you never will.’

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